Quality of low-fat meatballs containing Legume flours as extenders.

  title={Quality of low-fat meatballs containing Legume flours as extenders.},
  author={Meltem Serdaroǧlu and G{\"u}len Yıldız-Turp and Kiyalbek Abrod{\'i}mov},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={70 1},
Meatballs were extended with blackeye bean flour (BBF), chickpea flour (CF), lentil flour (LF) and rusk (R) at level of 10%. Raw and cooked meatballs were analyzed for moisture, fat, protein and ash content. Cooking properties and colour parameters were evaluated. BBF and LF resulted in greater cooking yield, fat retention and moisture retention values. Meatballs extended with LF were lighter than other samples. Meatballs formulated with BBF had the lowest reduction in diameter. Meatballs with… CONTINUE READING


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