Quality of life of individuals with and without facial feminization surgery or gender reassignment surgery

  title={Quality of life of individuals with and without facial feminization surgery or gender reassignment surgery},
  author={Tiffiny A. Ainsworth and J. Spiegel},
  journal={Quality of Life Research},
ObjectivesTo determine the self-reported quality of life of male-to-female (MTF) transgendered individuals and how this quality of life is influenced by facial feminization and gender reassignment surgery.MethodsFacial Feminization Surgery outcomes evaluation survey and the SF-36v2 quality of life survey were administered to male-to-female transgender individuals via the Internet and on paper. A total of 247 MTF participants were enrolled in the study.ResultsMental health-related quality of… Expand
Prospective Quality-of-Life Outcomes after Facial Feminization Surgery: An International Multicenter Study
Facial feminization achieved improved quality of life, feminized cephalometries, feminine gender appearance, good overall aesthetics, and high satisfaction that were present at 1 month and stable at more than 6 months. Expand
— INTERSEX AND GENDER IDENTITY DISORDERS Female and Male Transgender Quality of Life : Socioeconomic and Medical
Introduction. Studies show a positive impact of gender reassignment treatment on the quality of life (QOL) of transgender persons, but little is known about the influence of their socioeconomicExpand
Female and male transgender quality of life: socioeconomic and medical differences.
Specific social indicators are important in relation to health-related QOL of transgenders in a context of qualitative and adequate medical care. Expand
Determinants of quality of life in Spanish transsexuals attending a gender unit before genital sex reassignment surgery
Cross-sex hormonal treatment, family support, and working or studying are linked to a better self-reported QoL in transsexuals, and healthcare providers should consider these factors when planning interventions to promote the health-relatedQoL of transsexuals. Expand
Quality of life of men and women with gender identity disorder
Employment, education, province of residence and economic status as well as therapeutic intervention is associated with transgender’s QoL. Expand
Discussion: Prospective Quality-of-Life Outcomes after Facial Feminization Surgery: An International Multicenter Study.
This work established that surgical transition is extremely important to quality of life but did not establish supremacy of facial feminization surgery over gender-reassignment surgery or vice versa and could not show additive effects of facial Feminization surgery and gender- reassigned surgery in quality-of-life improvement. Expand
Psychosocial Differences Between Transgender Individuals With and Without History of Nonsurgical Facial Injectables
This study examined theoretically relevant psychosocial characteristics of transgender individuals who have and have not undergone nonsurgical injectable procedures (NSIPs), finding experiences with NSIPs may play an important role in psychossocial functioning for transgender individuals. Expand
Quality of Life Changes in Iranian Patients Undergoing Female-to-Male Transsexual Surgery: A Prospective Study.
As the results of the present study highlight, FTM GD patients have a low QOL before surgery that is significantly improved after surgery, which is significantly better than the general population. Expand
Facial Feminization Surgery: The Ethics of Gatekeeping in Transgender Health
Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a cost-effective intervention that needs to be covered by insurance policies and the benefits of such coverage far exceed the insignificant costs. Expand
Psychological Pathologies and Sexual Orientation in Transgender Women Undergoing Gender Confirming Treatment.
Gender confirming treatment with the combined technique is an important part of a multi-structured treatment of transgenders and does have effects on psychological well-being and seems to decrease psychopathologies and implicates several ameliorations for transgender women. Expand


Female-to-male transgender quality of life
Analysis of quality of life health concepts demonstrated statistically significant diminishedquality of life among the FTM transgender participants as compared to the US male and female population, particularly in regard to mental health. Expand
Quality of life 15 years after sex reassignment surgery for transsexualism.
Quality of life after sex reassignment operation quality of life is lower in the domains general health, role limitation, physical limitation, and personal limitation than after healthy controls. Expand
Facial corrections in male to female transsexuals: a preliminary report on 16 patients.
Facial corrective surgery seems to be promising in selected cases of male-to-female transsexualism, and the psychosocial aspects of the facial surgery and long-term stability of the surgical result need to be further investigated. Expand
Factors Associated with Satisfaction or Regret Following Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery
  • A. Lawrence
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2003
The physical results of SRS may be more important than preoperative factors such as transsexual typology or compliance with established treatment regimens in predicting postoperative satisfaction or regret. Expand
The Reported Sex and Surgery Satisfactions of 28 Postoperative Male-to-Female Transsexual Patients
There is a strong case for making a change in the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care to include a period of postoperative psychotherapy for male-to-female gender transformation surgeries. Expand
The outcome of sex reassignment surgery in Belgrade: 32 patients of both sexes
In most transsexuals, the quality of life was improved after surgery inasmuch as these four aspects are concerned, and only a few transsexuals were not satisfied with their life after surgery. Expand
Outcomes instruments in facial plastic surgery.
The background of the use of quality of life instruments in the field of outcomes research is outlined to provide a basic understanding for the application of such tools to the work of facial plastic surgery. Expand
Challenges in care of the transgender patient seeking facial feminization surgery.
  • J. Spiegel
  • Medicine
  • Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America
  • 2008
Facial feminization surgery is the general term for a group of specific procedures used in an attempt to alter the perceived gender of an individual's face, and unique situations related to FFS are described. Expand
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