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Quality of life in patients with stomas: the Montreux Study.

  title={Quality of life in patients with stomas: the Montreux Study.},
  author={Patrick Marquis and Alexia Marrel and Bernard Jambon},
  journal={Ostomy/wound management},
  volume={49 2},
Ostomy surgery profoundly affects a person's life. To determine the extent of the effect, the Stoma Care Quality of Life Index instrument was developed from a quality-of-life index. After ascertaining its validity and reliability, the instrument was used to measure patient quality of life in a European-wide study (16 countries). Six hundred, eighteen (618) stoma care nurses recruited 4,739 patients following stoma surgery. The self-administered questionnaire was completed immediately following… Expand

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The effect of preoperative stoma site marking on quality of life
It is demonstrated that patient who underwent stoma site marking reported higher HRQOL than those who did not, and a comparison of the two groups indicates that the sixth-month total score of the patients in the experimental group on (COHQOL-OQ) is higher than that of the control group (p<0.05). Expand
A descriptive survey study on the effect of age on quality of life following stoma surgery.
The small study sample size limits analysis of the variables that may affect quality of life (QoL) in stoma patients, and supports the need for additional prospective studies to help clinicians develop effective support strategies. Expand
Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients Living with Stoma
The findings demonstrated that living with stoma influences the overall aspect of QOL, and education for the patients and their families is important for improving the stoma patients’ QOL. Expand
Quality of Life in Stoma Patients: Appropriate and Inappropriate Stoma Sites
A perfectly placed intestinal stoma is strongly related to good QoL for affected patients and patients with appropriate stoma sites achieved better results in at least 50% of the scales. Expand
Factors impairing quality of life for people with an ostomy
The DialogueStudy documented real-life experiences of the use of a double-layer adhesive ostomy appliance, SenSura (Coloplast A/S) with a focus on quality of life (QoL) and peristomal skin conditions to help stoma care nurses improve the QoL for people with an ostomy. Expand
Quality of life among patients living with stoma
Stoma surgery has a major effect on patient's quality of life (QOL). Objective: Identify QOL among patients living with stoma. Setting: The study was performed at the outpatient clinics of colorectalExpand
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Problems faced by patients in adapting to life after stoma surgery can be affected by a multitude of factors including socioeconomic and clinical parameters. In India, a huge number of stomaExpand
An ileal conduit--who takes care of the stoma?
Female gender, better patient education and early proficiency in stomal care predict long-term self-stomal care, and an association exists between self-Stomal care and improved quality of life. Expand
Quality of life and need for care in patients with an ostomy: a survey of 2647 patients of the Berlin OStomy-Study (BOSS)
QoL differed significantly for CS and SBS patients, but the effect size was marginal, suggesting that more professional education and guidance are necessary for a larger proportion of patients. Expand
Quality of Life with an Intestinal Stoma
Regular irrigation seems to be the best documented intervention to improve quality of life for people with intestinal stomas, as it leads to less time dealing with feces and pouches, fewer daily life problems, fewer bowel function and skin problems, and better rehabilitation. Expand


Quality of life index for patients with cancer.
The purpose of this study was to develop an instrument for measuring the quality of life of cancer patients and construct and discriminant validity were indicated, while concurrent validity betweenquality of life scores and physician estimates of Karnofsky ratings, prognosis, and quality oflife were poor. Expand
Quality of life assessment in palliative care.
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Quality of life assessment tools must be multidimensional, considering both physical and psychosocial issues, must be quick and easy to administer and score and must be sufficiently sensitive to detect changes with time. Expand
Quality of life index: development and psychometric properties
The purpose of the study was to assess the validity and reliability of an instrument designed to measure quality of life, and items applicable to both healthy subjects and dialysis patients were tested with graduate students. Expand
The European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-C30: a quality-of-life instrument for use in international clinical trials in oncology.
The reliability and validity of the EORTC QLQ-C30 questionnaire were highly consistent across the three language-cultural groups studied: patients from English-speaking countries, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe. Expand
Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT-G): Non-response to individual questions
Seven methods of scoring the FACT-G are compared and case deletion is the worst approach and results in clinically significant bias when the missing responses were non-random and a lack of precision when the rate of non-response was high. Expand
Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests
AbstractA general formula (α) of which a special case is the Kuder-Richardson coefficient of equivalence is shown to be the mean of all split-half coefficients resulting from different splittings ofExpand
Definitions and conceptual issues
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