Quality of Life in Saudi Vitiligo Patients

  title={Quality of Life in Saudi Vitiligo Patients},
  author={Luluah A. Al-Mubarak and Hind Ghanim Mohammed Al-Mohanna and Ahmed Al-Issa and Monzer H. Jabak and Sanjeev V Mulekar},
  booktitle={Journal of cutaneous and aesthetic surgery},
BACKGROUND Vitiligo has a devastating psychosocial effect. The cultural traditions of Saudi society are quite different compared with the western world. Hence, a quality of life study using a different questionnaire suitable to the cultural traditions of the society is necessary to measure qualify of life in vitiligo patients. OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to assess the quality of life (QOL) in Saudi vitiligo patients and their family. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective cross… CONTINUE READING

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