Quality control in nerve conduction studies with coupled knowledge-based system approach.


Contemporary equipment used for nerve conduction studies is usually capable of computerized measurement of latency, amplitude, duration, and area of nerve and muscle action potentials and resulting conduction velocities. Abnormalities can be due to technical error or disease. Identification of technical error is a major element of quality control in electromyography, and artificial intelligence could be useful for this purpose. We have developed a coupled knowledge-based prototype system (QUALICON) to assess the correctness of recording and stimulating characteristics in routine conduction studies. QUALICON extracts numeric features from CMAPs or SNAPs, which are translated into symbolic form to drive a Bayesian network. The network uses high-level knowledge to infer the quality of stimulating and recording electrode placement as well as polarity and stimulus strength making recommendations as to the likely technical error when abnormal potentials are detected. A preliminary assessment shows that QUALICON performs as well as manual assessment performed by professionals.

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