Quality assurance criteria for probiotic bacteria.

  title={Quality assurance criteria for probiotic bacteria.},
  author={Elina Tuomola and Ross Crittenden and Martin J. Playne and Erika Mykk{\~A} nen Isolauri and Seppo Salminen},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={73 2 Suppl},
Acid and bile stability and intestinal mucosal adhesion properties are among the criteria used to select probiotic microbes. The quality control of probiotic cultures in foods traditionally has relied solely on tests to ensure that an adequate number of viable bacteria are present in the products throughout their shelf lives. Viability is an important factor, but not the only criterion for quality assurance. To be effective, probiotic strains must retain the functional health characteristics… CONTINUE READING

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