Quality Attribute Workshops

  title={Quality Attribute Workshops},
  author={Mario Barbacci and Robert J. Ellison and Judith A. Stafford and Charles B. Weinstock and William G. Wood},
Abstract : Quality attribute workshops (QAW) provide a method for evaluating the architecture of a software-intensive system during the acquisition phase of major programs. The architecture is evaluated against a number of critical quality attributes, such as availability, performance, security, interoperability, and modifiability. The evaluation is based on test cases that capture questions and concerns elicited from various stakeholders associated with the system. The process of eliciting… Expand

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Quality Attribute Workshop Participants Handbook
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Coast Guard uses new model to procure new fleet. Daily Briefing Column
  • Coast Guard uses new model to procure new fleet. Daily Briefing Column
  • 2000
ATAM] The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis (ATA) Method
  • ATAM] The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis (ATA) Method
Coast Guard uses new model to procure new fleet
  • Daily Briefing Column , GovExec . com April 24 , 2000 References [ ATAM ] The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis ( ATA ) Method [ Boehm 78 ]
Workshop Handbook] Quality Attribute Workshop Participants Handbook [Workshop Slides] Quality Attribute Workshop Slides About the Author
  • Workshop Handbook] Quality Attribute Workshop Participants Handbook [Workshop Slides] Quality Attribute Workshop Slides About the Author