Quality Assurance of Weld Seams Using Laser Triangulation Imaging and Deep Neural Networks

  title={Quality Assurance of Weld Seams Using Laser Triangulation Imaging and Deep Neural Networks},
  author={Andreas Spruck and J{\"u}rgen Seiler and Michael Roll and Thomas Dudziak and J{\"u}rgen Eckstein and Andr{\'e} Kaup},
  journal={2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 \& IoT},
In this paper, a novel optical inspection system is presented that is directly suitable for Industry 4.0 and the implementation on IoT-devices controlling the manufacturing process. The proposed system is capable of distinguishing between erroneous and faultless weld seams, without explicitly defining measurement criteria. The developed system uses a deep neural network based classifier for the class prediction. A weld seam dataset was acquired and labelled by an expert committee. Thereby, the… 

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