Qualitative assessment of methane emission inventory from municipal solid waste disposal sites: a case study

  title={Qualitative assessment of methane emission inventory from municipal solid waste disposal sites: a case study},
  author={Sunil Kumar and Ashaparna Mondal and S. A. Gaikwad and Sukumar Devotta and Ravindra Nath Singh},
  journal={Atmospheric Environment},
In developing countries like India, urban solid waste (SW) generation is increasing enormously and most of the SWs are disposed off by land filling in low-lying areas, resulting into generation of large quantities of biogas. Methane, the major constituent gas is known to cause global warming due to green house gas (GHG) effect. There is a need to study the ever-increasing contribution of SW to the global GHG effect. To assess the impacts, estimation of GHG emission is must and to avoid… Expand

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