Qualitative Determinacy and Decidability of Stochastic Games with Signals

  title={Qualitative Determinacy and Decidability of Stochastic Games with Signals},
  author={Nathalie Bertrand and Blaise Genest and Hugo Gimbert},
  journal={2009 24th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic In Computer Science},
We consider two-person zero-sum stochastic games with signals, a standard model of stochastic games with imperfect information. The only source of information for the players consists of the signals they receive; they cannot directly observe the state of the game, nor the actions played by their opponent, nor their own actions. We are interested in the existence of almost-surely winning or positively winning strategies, under reachability, safety, Büchi, or co-Büchi winning objectives, and the… CONTINUE READING
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