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Quadtree Layout

  title={Quadtree Layout},
  author={Sourav Bhattacharya and Shekar Kirani and W. T. Tsai},
Quadtree data structure has been used in a number of applications. However, VLSI embedding of quadtree based parallel architecture using gr id model has not been studied. This paper studies VLSI embedding of quadtree using grid model. H-tree layout for binary tree is extended for trivial quadtree layout, followed by developing two layout strategies for rectangular grids. Then, two generic layout styles (standard layout and Xlayout) are proposed for higher order grids (e.g., hexagonal and… 



U0 Bound Binary Tree Layout

It is observed that VO bandwidth can be significantly increased without much area overhead using this VLSI layout strategy, which can support more border leaf Processing Elements (PES) and thus can give a higher VO bandwidth.

Embedding Ternary Trees in VLSI Arrays

Optimal VLSI graph embeddings in variable aspect ratio rectangles

A special feature of the results on minimax edge length is that they unify earlier separator- and bifurcator-based results for square embeddings, and also provide a simplified lower bound proof.

Multiple Stmgc Adaptive Multi-Trees

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On the Aru of Binary Tree L y outs

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Area-Efficicnt Binary Tree Lpycat

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