Quadriceps strength in relation to total knee arthroplasty outcomes.

  title={Quadriceps strength in relation to total knee arthroplasty outcomes.},
  author={Khaled Jamal Saleh and Laura W. Lee and R. Gandhi and Christopher D. Ingersoll and Nizar N. Mahomed and Shahin Sheibani-Rad and Wendy M. Novicoff and William M. Mihalko},
  journal={Instructional course lectures},
After total knee arthroplasty, quadriceps femoris muscle strength is an important determinant of physical function. Quadriceps weakness is often present in the osteoarthritic limb and worsens after total knee arthroplasty. Although some quadriceps strength is regained, it may take more than 2 years to achieve preoperative levels, and it is unclear if quadriceps strength in the operated limb ever reaches that of the nondiseased contralateral limb or the quadriceps strength of healthy controls… CONTINUE READING
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