Quadriceps-sparing, minimal-incision total knee arthroplasty: a comparative study.

  title={Quadriceps-sparing, minimal-incision total knee arthroplasty: a comparative study.},
  author={Wei-Peng Lin and Jinn Lin and Lih-Ching Horng and Shun-Min Chang and Ching-Chuan Jiang},
  journal={The Journal of arthroplasty},
  volume={24 7},
Our study was conducted to compare radiographic alignments and functional outcomes with 2 approaches to minimal-incision total knee arthroplasty (TKA): the minimal-incision medial parapatellar (MP) approach and the quadriceps-sparing (QS) approach with side-cutting instruments. Sixty patients (80 knees) with primary osteoarthritis were randomly assigned to receive MP or QS TKA. Postoperative alignment of the femoral component was significantly less valgus, and postoperative alignment of the… CONTINUE READING
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