Quadriceps low-frequency fatigue and muscle pain are contraction-type-dependent.

  title={Quadriceps low-frequency fatigue and muscle pain are contraction-type-dependent.},
  author={Masaki Iguchi and Richard K. Shields},
  journal={Muscle & nerve},
  volume={42 2},
Eccentric contractions are thought to induce greater low-frequency fatigue (LFF) and delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) than concentric contractions. In this study we induced a similar amount of eccentric quadriceps muscle fatigue during either a concentric or eccentric fatigue task to compare LFF and DOMS. Subjects (n = 22) performed concentric or eccentric fatigue tasks using 75% of the pre-fatigue maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) torque, and both tasks ended when the MVC eccentric… CONTINUE READING

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