Quadratic relations of the deformed W-superalgebra Wq,t(sl(2|1))

  title={Quadratic relations of the deformed W-superalgebra Wq,t(sl(2|1))},
  author={Takeo Kojima},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
  • T. Kojima
  • Published 5 December 2019
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Quantum Algebra
This paper is a continuation of study by J.Ding and B.Feigin. We find a bosonization of the deformed $W$-superalgebras ${\cal W}_{q t}(\mathfrak{sl}(2|1))$ that commutes up-to total difference with deformed screening currents. Using our bosonization, we derive a set of quadratic relations of generators of the deformed $W$-superalgebra ${\cal W}_{q t}(\mathfrak{sl}(2|1))$. The deformed $W$-superalgebra is independent of the choice of a Dynkin-diagram for the superalgebra $\mathfrak{sl}(2|1… 
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