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Quadratic relations of the deformed $W$-algebra for the twisted affine algebra $A_{2N}^{(2)}$

  title={Quadratic relations of the deformed \$W\$-algebra for the twisted affine algebra \$A\_\{2N\}^\{(2)\}\$},
  author={Takeo Kojima},
We revisit the free field construction of the deformed W -algebra by Frenkel and Reshetikhin, Commun. Math. Phys. 197, 1-31 (1998), where the basic W -current has been identified. Herein, we establish a free field construction of higher W -currents of the deformed W -algebra associated with the twisted affine algebra A (2) 2N . We obtained a closed set of quadratic relations and duality, which allowed us to define the deformed W -algebra Wx,r ( 


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