Quadratic differentials and foliations

  title={Quadratic differentials and foliations},
  author={John H. Hubbard and Howard A. Masur},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
This paper concerns the interplay between the complex structure of a Riemann surface and the essentially Euclidean geometry induced by a quadratic differential. One aspect of this geometry is the " trajectory structure" of a quadratic differential which has long played a central role in Teichmfiller theory starting with Teichmiiller's proof of the existence and uniqueness of extremal maps. Ahlfors and Bers later gave proofs of that result. In other contexts, Jenkins and Strebel have studied… 
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AbstractWe give a brief, elementary and analytic proof of the theorem of Hubbard and Masur [HM] (see also [K], [G]) that every class of measured foliations on a compact Riemann surfaceR of genusg can
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w 1. Statement of the Main Result Let X be a compact Riemann surface of genus g > 2 and denote by O the sheaf of germs of holomorphic differential 1-forms on X. Let q~H~ ~| be a nonzero holomorphic
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Let X be a compact Riemann surface of genus g > 1, and q GH°(X> £2® ) be a holomorphic quadratic form on X. A tangent vector £ G Tx X is called horizontal if (q, £ ® £> > 0. The horizontal vectors
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1. Extremal quasi-conformal mappings and Teichmueller mappings. A regular quasi-conformal mapping of a plane domain G onto a domain G' (more generally of a Riemann surface R onto a surface R') is an
Über quadratische Differentiale mit geschlossenen Trajektorien und extremale quasikonforme Abbildungen
O. Teichmullers Beweis [9] seines Satzes uber die Struktur der extremalen quasikonformen Abbildungen geschlossener Riemannscher Flachen beruht auf einer Kontinuitatsmethode, wie sie schon seiner
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