Quadratic Lie conformal superalgebras related to Novikov superalgebras

  title={Quadratic Lie conformal superalgebras related to Novikov superalgebras},
  author={Pavel Kolesnikov and Roman Kozlov and A. S. Panasenko},
  journal={Journal of Noncommutative Geometry},
We study quadratic Lie conformal superalgebras associated with No\-vikov superalgebras. For every Novikov superalgebra $(V,\circ)$, we construct an enveloping differential Poisson superalgebra $U(V)$ with a derivation $d$ such that $u\circ v = ud(v)$ and $\{u,v\} = u\circ v - (-1)^{|u||v|} v\circ u$ for $u,v\in V$. The latter means that the commutator Gelfand--Dorfman superalgebra of $V$ is special. Next, we prove that every quadratic Lie conformal superalgebra constructed on a finite… 

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