QuaRTz: An Open-Domain Dataset of Qualitative Relationship Questions

  title={QuaRTz: An Open-Domain Dataset of Qualitative Relationship Questions},
  author={Oyvind Tafjord and Matt Gardner and Kevin Lin and P. Clark},
  • Oyvind Tafjord, Matt Gardner, +1 author P. Clark
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • We introduce the first open-domain dataset, called QuaRTz, for reasoning about textual qualitative relationships. QuaRTz contains general qualitative statements, e.g., “A sunscreen with a higher SPF protects the skin longer.”, twinned with 3864 crowdsourced situated questions, e.g., “Billy is wearing sunscreen with a lower SPF than Lucy. Who will be best protected from the sun?”, plus annotations of the properties being compared. Unlike previous datasets, the general knowledge is textual and… CONTINUE READING
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