QoS-aware SLA-based Advanced Reservation of Infrastructure as a Service

  title={QoS-aware SLA-based Advanced Reservation of Infrastructure as a Service},
  author={Kuan Lu and Thomas R{\"o}blitz and Ramin Yahyapour and Edwin Yaqub and Constantinos Kotsokalis},
  journal={2011 IEEE Third International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science},
Cloud computing effectively implements the vision of utility computing by employing a pay-as-you-go cost model and allowing on-demand (re-)leasing of IT resources. Small or medium-sized Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, however, find it challenging to satisfy all requests immediately due to their limited resource capacity. In that situation, both providers and customers may benefit greatly from advanced reservation of virtual resources, i.e. virtual machines. In our work, we assume SLA… CONTINUE READING