QoS Provision for Controlling Energy Consumption in Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Networks

  title={QoS Provision for Controlling Energy Consumption in Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Networks},
  author={Ahmed A. Mawgoud and Mohamed Hamed N. Taha and Nour Eldeen Mahmoud Khalifa},
Adhoc wireless sensor network is an architecture of connected nodes, each node has its main elements such as sensors, computation and communications capabilities. Adhoc WSNs restrained energy sources result in a shorter lifetime of the sensor network and inefficient topology. In this paper, a new approach for saving and energy controlling is introduced using quality of service, the main reason is to reduce the nodes energy through discovering the best optimum route that meets quality of serviceโ€ฆย 



On the performance analysis of the minimum-blocking and bandwidth-reallocation channel-assignment (MBCA/BRCA) methods for quality-of-service routing support in mobile multimedia ad hoc networks

  • G. Aggelou
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 2004
The specifics and individual mechanisms of the MBCA/BRCA algorithms are presented, whereas their effectiveness and the manner in which they interact in order to contribute to the overall protocol performance is examined and documented.

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The publisher of Computer Networks: A System Approach by Peterson and Davie invited me to compare the two books and my initial impression is very favorable.

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Implementation of Itree-MAC Protocol for Effective Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks

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The author proposes a new scheme based on Itree-MAC protocol, NS2 is used for implementation of this protocol, which provides a high packet delivery ratio and less energy consumption.

Application Specific Microcontroller Design for Internet of Things Based Wireless Sensor Network

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The Research of Sensorsโ€™ Interface on Wireless Sensor Network

This paper introduced several important modules that IEEE 1451 standard has defined, then concepts and models of intelligence sensor interface in IEEE1451 are analyzed, and a model which is more suitable to wireless sensor network is built.


The Gossip-Based Sleep Protocol (GSP) implements routing and some MAC functions in an energy conserving manner and was implemented on the Mica2 platform and measurements were conducted to determine the improvement in network lifetime.