QoS Control Strategies for High-Quality Video Processing

  title={QoS Control Strategies for High-Quality Video Processing},
  author={Clemens C. W{\"u}st and Elisabeth F. M. Steffens and Reinder J. Bril and Wim F. J. Verhaegh},
  journal={Proceedings. 16th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems, 2004. ECRTS 2004.},
Video processing in software is often characterized by highly fluctuating, content-dependent processing times, and a limited tolerance for deadline misses. We present an approach that allows close-to-average-case resource allocation to a single video processing task, based on asynchronous, scalable processing, and QoS adaptation. The QoS adaptation balances different QoS parameters that can be tuned, based on user-perception experiments: picture quality, deadline misses, and quality changes. We… CONTINUE READING
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