QoS-Aware Multichannel Random Access in CDMA2000 Nx EV-DO Systems


CDMA2000 Nx EV-DO, also known as DO-REV. B, is a third generation (3G) wireless solution providing high-speed mobile Internet access. In this paper we describe the design of the access channel MAC protocol considering the QoS of traffic. A QoS-aware multichannel random access based on slotted ALOHA scheme was proposed. Through the theoretical model and… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/VETECS.2007.237


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@article{Zhang2007QoSAwareMR, title={QoS-Aware Multichannel Random Access in CDMA2000 Nx EV-DO Systems}, author={Yumei Zhang and Dacheng Yang and Xin Zhang}, journal={2007 IEEE 65th Vehicular Technology Conference - VTC2007-Spring}, year={2007}, pages={1116-1120} }