QoS Assurance in Higher Mobility Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Multipath Admission Control Protocol


The cheap and easy availability of wireless devices boosted the MANETs supported applications. Due to these emerging applications MANETs are not only deployed in military sector but in every walk of life. Now QoS assurance to these applications is an essential part rather than additional feature in MANETs. The routing protocols provide only data route rather than assuring any kind of guaranteed QoS to applications. The routing protocols must be equipped with additional features such as traffic scheduling, QoS awareness, admission control, and traffic priority to assure guaranteed QoS.In this article we will present our designed Flow aware admission control protocol that work with Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) to assure guaranteed QoS provisioning. The admission control assures high throughput in highly mobile scenario and volatile topology of MANETs by sustaining partially disjoint multiple paths between source and destination. The protocol injects the data traffic to the network on the basis of availability of resources. The protocol calculates the available bandwidth using channel idle time ratio (CITR) and takes the decision of accepting or rejecting the new data traffic to the network. The protocol repairs the route locally and reduces the network load and results in high performance. The protocol is compared with the state of the art admission control protocols using network simulator-2.

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