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have sections on their website about dolphin therapy or swimming with dolphins. Scope state that ‘‘dolphin therapy does not claim to cure any specific condition but it may help alleviate some symptoms associated with some conditions’’. They do however conclude ‘‘research is on-going but there is not currently clear scientific evidence of lasting benefits. Dolphin therapy is comparatively expensive and not funded via any UK statutory agencies’’. Since John Lilly first studied dolphin– human… Expand
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Administering analgesia sublingually is a suitable option for children with acute abdominal pain in the emergency department
The aim of this study was to investigate the pain score reductions when children with acute abdominal pain received medication sublingually. Expand
Appendicitis and related abdominal pain


Effectiveness of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy as a Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Disabilities
This research synthesis focuses on the effectiveness of dolphin-assisted therapy as a behavioral intervention for young children with disabilities. The practice constituting the focus of thisExpand
Long-Term Effectiveness of Dolphin-Assisted Therapy for Children with Severe Disabilities
Children with severe disabilities of many etiologies, from eight countries, received either one or two weeks of therapy in the multidisciplinary, behavior modification program, and maintained or improved skills acquired in therapy about 50% of the time even after 12 months away from therapy. Expand
Some Comments on Context Embodiment in Zootherapy: The Case of the Autidolfijn Project
ABSTRACTThe Autidolfijn project was undertaken in 1991 in Bruges, Belgium, to asses the effect of interactions with captive dolphins on learning in autistic children. The project lasted four yearsExpand
Randomised controlled trial of animal facilitated therapy with dolphins in the treatment of depression
Animal facilitated therapy with dolphins is an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression, which is based on a holistic approach, through interaction with animals in nature, and was effective in alleviating symptoms of depression after two weeks of treatment. Expand
Effectiveness of Short-Term Dolphin-Assisted Therapy for Children with Severe Disabilities
Use of t tests for nonindependent samples indicates that relative to conventional long-term therapy, dolphin-assisted therapy, as practiced by Dolphin Human Therapy, achieves positive results more quickly and is also more cost effective. Expand
Early Analgesia for Children With Acute Abdominal Pain
The data show that morphine effectively reduces the intensity of pain among children with acute abdominal pain and morphine does not seem to impede the diagnosis of appendicitis. Expand
Analgesia in patients with acute abdominal pain.
Some evidence is provided to support the notion that the use of opioid analgesics in patients with acute abdominal pain is helpful in terms of patient comfort and does not retard decisions to treat. Expand
Efficacy and impact of intravenous morphine before surgical consultation in children with right lower quadrant pain suggestive of appendicitis: a randomized controlled trial.
The use of morphine in children with a presumptive diagnosis of appendicitis did not delay the surgical decision and morphine at a dose of 0.1 mg/kg was not more effective than placebo in diminishing their pain at 30 minutes. Expand
A randomized clinical trial of analgesia in children with acute abdominal pain.
Intravenous morphine provides significant pain reduction to children with acute abdominal pain without adversely affecting the examination, and morphine does not affect the ability to identify children with surgical conditions. Expand