QSAR for acute oral toxicity (in vitro)

  title={QSAR for acute oral toxicity (in vitro)},
  author={D. Mart{\'i}n and Tarmo Tamm and Gunnar Karelson and Indrek Tulp and Kaido T{\"a}mm and Deniss Savchenko and Jaak J{\"a}nes and Eneli H{\"a}rk and Andres Kreegipuu and Dimitar A. Dobchev and Mati Karelson},
2.5.Model developer(s) and contact details: Molcode model development team Molcode Ltd Turu 2, Tartu, 51014, Estonia models@molcode.com http://www.molcode.com 2.6.Date of model development and/or publication: 30.08.2009 2.7.Reference(s) to main scientific papers and/or software package: [1]Karelson M, Dobchev D, Tamm T, Tulp I, Jänes J, Tämm K, Lomaka A… CONTINUE READING