QPSK, Staggered QPSK, and MSK - A Comparative Evaluation

  title={QPSK, Staggered QPSK, and MSK - A Comparative Evaluation},
  author={Mitchell B. Austin and Ming Chang and D. F. Horwood and R. Maslov},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Communications},
Bandwidth- and power-efficient quadrature carrier modulation techniques are identified, evaluated, and compared. The modulation techniques include quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK), staggered QPSK (SQPSK), and minimum (frequency) shift keying (MSK). High quality QPSK, SQPSK, and MSK transmitters and receivers were used in the evaluation, along with a computer simulation program which modeled the hardware. Both linear and nonlinear channels were included in the comparative investigation. The… CONTINUE READING