QCD factorization for B ---> pi pi decays: Strong phases and CP violation in the heavy quark limit

  title={QCD factorization for B ---> pi pi decays: Strong phases and CP violation in the heavy quark limit},
  author={Martin Beneke and Gerhard Buchalla and Matthias Neubert and Christopher T C Sachrajda},
  journal={Physical Review Letters},
We show that, in the heavy quark limit, the hadronic matrix elements that enter B meson decays into two light mesons can be computed from first principles, including {open_quotes}nonfactorizable{close_quotes} strong interaction corrections, and expressed in terms of form factors and meson light-cone distribution amplitudes. The conventional factorization result follows in the limit when both power corrections in 1/m{sub b} and radiative corrections in {alpha}{sub s} are neglected. We compute… 

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