QCD Analyses and Determinations of α s in e + e − Annihilation at Energies between 35 and 189 GeV The JADE ( * ) and the OPAL ( * * ) Collaboration

  title={QCD Analyses and Determinations of α s in e + e − Annihilation at Energies between 35 and 189 GeV The JADE ( * ) and the OPAL ( * * ) Collaboration},
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We employ data taken by the JADE and OPAL experiments for an integrated QCD study in hadronic ee annihilations at c.m.s. energies ranging from 35 GeV through 189 GeV. The study is based on jet-multiplicity related observables. The observables are obtained to high jet resolution scales with the JADE, Durham, Cambridge and cone jet finders, and compared with… CONTINUE READING