QAnon and the Digital Lumpenproletariat

  title={QAnon and the Digital Lumpenproletariat},
  author={Isaac Kamola},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={231 - 234}
  • Isaac Kamola
  • Published 3 April 2021
  • Economics
  • New Political Science
Clyde Barrow’s The Dangerous Class comprehensively chronicles the history and changing conceptualizations of the lumpenproletariat, and the place this unruly population holds in the writings of Marx, Engels, and the Marxist tradition more generally. Barrow demonstrates that the term “lumpenproletariat” is commonly used in a variety of ways. As an economic category, it captures the creation of the industrial reserve army and surplus population. As a cultural category, it describes a desperate… 

Cybernetic Hive Minds: A Review

The case for a theoretical cybernetic hive mind is presented to explain how existing cults like QAnon weaponize group think and carry out crimes using social media-based alternate reality games.

The Everything Cult: Multiphrenic Faith and the QAnon Movement

  • Brian Hughes
  • Art
    Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture
  • 2022
This article undertakes an analysis of QAnon marketing and metaphysics through a holistic lens of mediatization theory and medium theory. It proposes a means of understanding the movement as an