QAS*APL: A step towards program-free interactive problem solving

  title={QAS*APL: A step towards program-free interactive problem solving},
  author={J. Goff and M. Konopasek},
  booktitle={APL '79},
  • J. Goff, M. Konopasek
  • Published in APL '79 1979
  • QAS*APL is a non-procedural, very high-level language for work with mathematical models. It is a Question-Answering System that has as its central concept the MODEL, which is defined by a set of algebraic or other equations pertinent to a particular subject. The system solves models for any consistent set of input variables. It makes possible the direct, machine execution of an unmodified set of equations, eliminating end-user programming. The system's front end is a terse query language which… CONTINUE READING
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