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QANom: Question-Answer driven SRL for Nominalizations

  title={QANom: Question-Answer driven SRL for Nominalizations},
  author={Ayal Klein and Jonathan Mamou and Valentina Pyatkin and Daniela Stepanov and Hangfeng He and D. Roth and Luke Zettlemoyer and I. Dagan},
  • Ayal Klein, Jonathan Mamou, +5 authors I. Dagan
  • Published in COLING 2020
  • Computer Science
  • We propose a new semantic scheme for capturing predicate-argument relations for nominalizations, termed QANom. This scheme extends the QA-SRL formalism (He et al., 2015), modeling the relations between nominalizations and their arguments via natural language question-answer pairs. We construct the first QANom dataset using controlled crowdsourcing, analyze its quality and compare it to expertly annotated nominal-SRL annotations, as well as to other QA-driven annotations. In addition, we train a… CONTINUE READING

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