Q2 Symbolic Reasoning about Noisy Dynamic Systems


Symbolic reasoning about continuous dynamic systems requires consistent qualitative abstraction functions and a consistent symbolic model. Classically, symbolic reasoning systems have utilized a box partition of the system space to achieve qualitative abstraction, but boxes can not provide a consistent abstraction. Our Q2 methodology abstracts a provably consistent symbolic representation of noise-free general dynamic systems. However, the Q2 symbolic representation has not been previously evaluated for efficacy in the presence of noise. We evaluate the effects of noise on Q2 symbolic reasoning in the domain of maneuver detection. We demonstrate how the Q2 methodology derives a symbolic abstraction of a general dynamic system model used in evaluating maneuver detectors. Simulation results represented by ROC curves show that the Q2 based maneuver detector is superior to a box-based detector. While no method is consistent in the presence of noise, the Q2 methodology is superior to the classic box’s approach for deriving qualitative decisions about noisy dynamic systems.

DOI: 10.1023/A:1008071001301

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