Q-switching stability limits of continuous-wave passive mode locking

  title={Q-switching stability limits of continuous-wave passive mode locking},
  author={Clemens Hoenninger and R{\"u}diger Paschotta and François Morier-Genoud and Michael Moser and Ursula Keller},
The use of a saturable absorber as a passive mode locker in a solid-state laser can introduce a tendency for Q-switched mode-locked operation. We have investigated the transition between the regimes of cw mode locking and Q-switched mode locking. Experimental data from Nd:YLF lasers in the picosecond domain and soliton mode-locked Nd:glass lasers in the femtosecond domain, both passively mode locked with semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors, were compared with predictions from an analytical… CONTINUE READING
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