Q-switched ruby laser damage of the rabbit eye lens.

  title={Q-switched ruby laser damage of the rabbit eye lens.},
  author={Reginald Birngruber and F. Hillenkamp and Fritz Heinrich Stefani and Veit Peter Gabel},
  journal={Advances in ophthalmology = Fortschritte der Augenheilkunde = Progres en ophtalmologie},
Results on Q-switched ruby laser damage to lenses of Chinchilla grey rabbits are reported. Threshold irradiances of about 10(10)W/cm2 are shown to be necessary for lens damage. The minimal lesions consist of empty bubbles about 1 mm in diameter. Energy consideration as well as histologic investigation of the lesions indicate a mechanical damage process following a light-induced absorption in the focus. Retinal damage accompanied lenticular damage in all cases