Q factor limitation at short wavelength (around 300 nm) in III-nitride-on-silicon photonic crystal cavities

  title={Q factor limitation at short wavelength (around 300 nm) in III-nitride-on-silicon photonic crystal cavities},
  author={Farsane Tabataba-Vakili and I{\"a}nnis Roland and Thi-Mo Tran and X. Checoury and Moustafa El Kurdi and S{\'e}bastien Sauvage and C. Brimont and Thierry Guillet and S. Rennesson and J. Y. Duboz and Fabrice Semond and Bruno Gayral and Philippe Boucaud},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
III-nitride-on-silicon L3 photonic crystal cavities with resonances down to 315 nm and quality factors (Q) up to 1085 at 337 nm have been demonstrated. The reduction of the quality factor with decreasing wavelength is investigated. Besides the quantum well absorption below 340 nm, a noteworthy contribution is attributed to the residual absorption present in thin AlN layers grown on silicon, as measured by spectroscopic ellipsometry. This residual absorption ultimately limits the Q factor to… 
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