Pythagoras- The First Animal Rights Philosopher

  title={Pythagoras- The First Animal Rights Philosopher},
  author={Mary Ann Violin},
  • Mary Ann Violin
  • Published 1990
  • Philosophy
  • Pythagoras was born on theAegean island ofSamos in the 60th Olympiad (f. c. 530 B. C.). His father Mnesarchus was a merchant, probably from Tyre. His mother Parthenis, a Samos native, had changed her name to Pythias on the advice of the Delphic oracle prior to Pythagoras' birth. Because Samos was only a few kilometers from Asia Minor, Pythagoras traveled there frequently during his education. He also visited the central island of Delos, the sacred birthplace of Apollo. As a young man from a… CONTINUE READING

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