• Environmental Science
  • Published 2009

Pyrotekniskt genererade aerosoler - experimentella studier med avseende på funktion och risker rörande människa och teknik

  title={Pyrotekniskt genererade aerosoler - experimentella studier med avseende p{\aa} funktion och risker r{\"o}rande m{\"a}nniska och teknik},
  author={Jonas Ekstr{\"o}m and Bj{\"o}rn Nilsson},
This report is a study on the effects pyrotechnically generated aerosols, PGA, has on electrical components and our health. Experiments were conducted in small and full scale at Lunds tekniska hogskola and the Swedish rescue service’s school at Revinge. The experiments were conducted using only one type of PGA with exception for the full scale experiments in wich two types were used. The experiments conducted were: studies on what effect a sedimented aerosol had on low voltage circuits? Does… CONTINUE READING