Pyrosequencing of a short fragment of the amelogenin gene for gender identification

  title={Pyrosequencing of a short fragment of the amelogenin gene for gender identification},
  author={Shujin Li and Ting Feng and Lihong Fu and Zhenhua Li and Chunguang Lou and Xiaojing Zhang and Chunling Ma and B. H. Cong},
  journal={Molecular Biology Reports},
We report a pyrosequencing method for detecting a short amelogenin fragment to aid the gender identification. The PCR products (44/45 bp), including primers and target sequence (4/5 bp) consisting of three point mutations and one indel mutation, were sequenced by the pyrosequencing method. 100 randomly chosen DNA samples of healthy donors were analyzed with this method, and all of them were correctly typed. The sensitivity of the technique was 0.5 ng template DNA. No specific peak was found in… CONTINUE READING
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