Pyrolysis of Styrene , Acrylate , and Isoprene Polymers in a Vacuum

  title={Pyrolysis of Styrene , Acrylate , and Isoprene Polymers in a Vacuum},
  author={Ș. and L. AdrianJohn},
Pyrolysis was carried out in a vacuum in the temperature range 2500 to 400 0 C. The volati le products were collected and fractionated. The more volatile products were analyzed in t he mass spectrometer , whereas t he less volatile products were tested fo r their average molecular weights. In t he styrene group of polymers, poly-alpha-methylstyrene yielded practically 100 percent of monomer, and poly-meta-methylstyrene and poly-alpha-deuterostyrene yielded about 52 and 70 percent, respective ly… CONTINUE READING

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