Pyroglutamyl peptidase: an overview of the three known enzymatic forms.

  title={Pyroglutamyl peptidase: an overview of the three known enzymatic forms.},
  author={Philip M Cummins and Brendan D. S. O'Connor},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1429 1},
Pyroglutamyl peptidase can be classified as an omega peptidase which hydrolytically removes the amino terminal pyroglutamate (pGlu) residue from specific pyroglutamyl substrates. To date, three distinct forms of this enzyme have been identified in mammalian tissues. Type I is typically a cytosolic, cysteine peptidase displaying a broad pyroglutamyl substrate specificity and low molecular mass. Type II has been shown to be a membrane anchored metalloenzyme of high molecular mass with a narrow… CONTINUE READING
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