Pyridalyl, a novel insecticide: potency and insecticidal selectivity.

  title={Pyridalyl, a novel insecticide: potency and insecticidal selectivity.},
  author={Shinji Isayama and Shigeru Saito and Kosuke Kuroda and Kaoru Umeda and Kenichi Kasamatsu},
  journal={Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology},
  volume={58 4},
Pyridalyl is an insecticide of a novel chemical class (unclassified insecticides). Toxicity of pyridalyl to two insect pest species, Spodoptera litura and Frankliniella occidentalis, an insect predator, Orius stringicollis, and a pollinator, Bombus terrestris, was evaluated in the laboratory. The insecticidal activity of pyridalyl against S. litura was evaluated using the leaf-dipping method. The potency of pyridalyl was highly effective against all development stages (2nd to 6th instar larvae… CONTINUE READING
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