Pyrethroids as household insecticides: analysis, indoor exposure and persistence

  title={Pyrethroids as household insecticides: analysis, indoor exposure and persistence},
  author={Thomas J. Class and Joachim Kintrup},
  journal={Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry},
  • T. Class, J. Kintrup
  • Published 1 July 1991
  • Biology
  • Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry
SummaryNatural pyrethrins from insecticidal pyrethrum extract and pyrethroids (e.g. allethrin, tetramethrin, permethrin, cyphenothrin, cypermethrin, cyfluthrin) are active ingredients in insecticidal formulations such as powder, sprays, impregnated paper for electro-evaporators, mosquito coils, and solutions for wood treatment, all mainly intended for indoor use. Some commercial preparations contain also non-pyrethroid insecticides, such as dichlorovos, propoxur, or phoxim, and piperonyl… 
The Behaviour of Pyrethroids Indoors: A Model Study
Abstract Pest control agents containing three different formulations of the pyrethroids permethrin and deltamethrin and/or pyrethrines and the synergist piperonyl butoxide were applied in a model
Environmental Analysis of Cypermethrin and its Degradation Products After Forestry Applications
Abstract Cypermethrin and alphamethrin ([1R, cis, αS]- and [1S, cis, αR]-cypermethrin) are pyrethroid insecticides used in agriculture, forestry, and public health hygiene. After forestry
Pyrethroids used indoor-ambient monitoring of pyrethroids following a pest control operation.
A sensitive class specific immunoassay for the detection of pyrethroid metabolites in human urine.
Results from urine samples from exposed workers suggest that this PBA immunoassay might be suitable as a monitoring tool for human exposure to pyrethroids.
An immunoassay for a urinary metabolite as a biomarker of human exposure to the pyrethroid insecticide permethrin
A competitive indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of the glycine conjugate of a major metabolite, cis-/trans-3-dichlorovinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (DCCA), of permethrin was developed based on a polyclonal antibody based on an antibody with a high sensitivity.


Optimized gas chromatographic analysis of natural pyrethrins and pyrethroids
Gas chromatographic analysis of natural pyrethrins in insecticidal pyrethrum extract and in insecticide formulations is achieved by on-column injection with hydrogen as carrier gas under constant
Pyrethroid metabolism: microsomal oxidase metabolites of (S)-bioallethrin and the six natural pyrethrins
Ratmicrosomes are more specific than mouse microsomes in hydroxylating the (E)-methyl substituent of the 2-methylpropenyl moiety compared with other molecular sites and compounds in the urine of allethrin-treated rats include compounds modified in both the2-methyl Propenyl and allyl moieties as free carboxylic acids and glucuronides.
Pyrethrum flowers and pyrethroid insecticides.
  • J. Casida
  • Biology, Medicine
    Environmental health perspectives
  • 1980
Synthetic analogs or pyrethroids, evolved from the natural compounds by successive isosteric modifications, are more potent and stable and are the newest important class of crop protection chemicals.