Pyrazine production by Bacillus subtilis in solid-state fermentation on soybeans

  title={Pyrazine production by Bacillus subtilis in solid-state fermentation on soybeans},
  author={I. Besson and Catherine Creuly and J. B. Gros and Christian Larroche},
  journal={Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology},
2,5-Dimethylpyrazine (2,5-DMP) and tetramethylpyrazine (TTMP) were produced using Bacillus subtilis IFO 3013 grown on soybeans. Solid-state cultivations were carried out either in 100-ml bottles or in a fixed-bed column reactor, both systems being at 27 °C. Optimization studies showed that the best way to produce the two above aroma compounds involved two separate processes. 2,5-DMP was obtained using soybeans enriched with 75 g threonine/kg initial dry weight (i.d.w.), giving 0.85 g metabolite… CONTINUE READING


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