Pyonephrosis: imaging and intervention.

  title={Pyonephrosis: imaging and intervention.},
  author={Isabel C Yoder and Robin Pfister and Karen K. Lindfors and Jeffrey H. Newhouse},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={141 4},
A series of 70 pyonephrotic kidneys drained by percutaneous nephrostomy tube was examined to evaluate the contribution of radiologic imaging to the diagnosis of pyonephrosis and to assess the diagnostic and therapeutic role of drainage by percutaneous nephrostomy catheter. The diagnosis of pyonephrosis is suspected when the clinical symptoms of fever and flank pain are combined with the radiologic evidence of obstruction to the urinary tract. Sonography gives a prompt diagnosis of… CONTINUE READING

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Sonography gives a prompt diagnosis of hydronephrosis , and needle puncture of the kidney yields pus and establishes the presence of pyonephrosis .
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