Pyogenic granuloma--an uncommon complication of nasal packing.

  title={Pyogenic granuloma--an uncommon complication of nasal packing.},
  author={T S Sheen and Joo Y Ko and Yi Hsu},
  journal={American journal of rhinology},
  volume={11 3},
Nasal packing is a very common procedure in the otolaryngologic service for nasal bleeding and postoperative hemostasis. However, a pyogenic granuloma complicated from nasal packing has not been reported in the literature. A 50-year-old man underwent nasal packing by use of vaseline gauze due to nasal bleeding. Two weeks later, a dark brown nasal tumor was found in his nasal cavity. He underwent partial turbinectomy for removal of the tumor. The pathology demonstrated a pyogenic granuloma. It… CONTINUE READING