Pyogenic arthritis of the sacro-iliac joint. Long-term follow-up.

  title={Pyogenic arthritis of the sacro-iliac joint. Long-term follow-up.},
  author={J T Coy and C. R. Wolf and Thomas D. Brower and W G Winter},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume},
  volume={58 6},
Nine cases of sacro-iliac pyarthrosis are presented. The difficulty in localizing the infection is attributable mostly to failure to appreciate the posteriorly situated physical findings. This, and the difficulty with early roentgenographic demonstration of the lesion, may lead to unnecessary abdominal exploration (as in two of our patients) or to prolonged delay in diagnosis and hence spread of the infection. Awareness of the usual physical findings and prompt use of radioisotope scanning to… CONTINUE READING

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