Pylephlebitis associated with acute infected choledocholithiasis.

  title={Pylephlebitis associated with acute infected choledocholithiasis.},
  author={Yatzu Tsao and Shih-Hua Lin and Chuanrong Cheng and F-Y. Chang},
  journal={The American journal of the medical sciences},
  volume={332 2},
Pylephlebitis, also called septic thrombophlebitis of the portal vein, is a life-threatening complication of intra-abdominal infection. Although rare, it remains a less recognized entity with a high rate of mortality. We present a 66-year-old man with acute infected choledocholithiasis complicated with Bacteroides fragilis bacteremia. The contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan of the abdomen showed nearly total thrombotic occlusion of the left portal vein. The comprehensive studies for… CONTINUE READING

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