Pygmy Killer Whales ( Feresa attenuata ) or False Killer Whales ( Pseudorca crassidens )? Identification of a Group of Small Cetaceans Seen off Ecuador in 2003

  title={Pygmy Killer Whales ( Feresa attenuata ) or False Killer Whales ( Pseudorca crassidens )? Identification of a Group of Small Cetaceans Seen off Ecuador in 2003},
  author={Robin W. Baird},
  journal={Aquatic Mammals},
  • R. Baird
  • Published 1 September 2010
  • Environmental Science
  • Aquatic Mammals
Pygmy killer whales (Feresa attenuata) are a very poorly known species (Donahue & Perryman, 2009; McSweeney et al., 2009), and single sightings or strandings still often warrant publication. Castro (2004) reported an encounter with a school of small cetaceans off Ecuador in 2003, identified by the author as pygmy killer whales, and described details on the behavior of the group. Features noted in the field that were used to determine the species included estimates of their small size (1 to 2.5… 

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