Pyelolithotomy of simple right sided ectopic kidney with renal stone

  title={Pyelolithotomy of simple right sided ectopic kidney with renal stone},
  author={Sarvjeet Meravi and Madan Mohan Mudgal and Naveen Kushwah},
  journal={International Surgery Journal},
Ectopic kidney (renal ectopia) is a kidney that is not located in its usual position. It has an incidence of approximately 0.11% in general population and incidence of pelvic kidney is 0.0005% and ectopic kidney with a renal stone is rarer finding with very few reported cases. Mostly patient are asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally, many a time it only presents as a lump during abdominal examination, patient may come with urinary complaints such as urine blockage, infection or urinary stone… 

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[Two cases of crossed renal ectopia without fusion].

Two patients with subjectively no complaints, and the renal functions were unimpaired, are reported, and a statistical study of the renal ectopia without fusion is performed.

A suspected case of bilateral crossed renal ectopia or bilateral jet effect.

Examination of posterior urography showed a normal upper urinary tract anatomy, whereas the distal ends of the ureters crossed each other in the pelvis, which suggested bilateral crossed renal ectopia.

Crossed renal ectopia with solitary kidney

The 25th case in world literature of crossed renal ectopia with solitary kidney is reported, and it is reported that a new type of kidney is introduced into the literature.

Solitary crossed renal ectopia.

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